The History of Us

Our story began five years ago. Alex will tell you that he pestered me for weeks trying to secure a date with me on the weekend. I say that I was busy career driven woman who was focused on starting her new business not on falling in love. However, on a cold night in winter of 2013, I finally succumbed to Alex’s request and met him for dinner and drinks at The Kimball House in Decatur, GA. Before we even sat down for dinner, he had me grinning ear to ear and laughing at his jokes. It was there that he encouraged me to try oysters for the first time and he sipped on a cocktail called “The Mexican Razor Blade” which he now always craves, and I crave the oysters. We bonded over music and culture, talking throughout the night about our favorite bands from current to the 1960’s. The night came to an end, and as he saw me to my car, he didn’t go in for the first kiss, which I admired and respected…but there was plenty of time to kiss in our many dates after that first one. From taking me to a gun range to me taking him shopping, a tour of homes and cozy nights in watching movies, our fondness for each other grew.

Fast forward to the spring of 2013, birds were chirping and lazy Sundays meant lounging indoors watching movies. One of the first movies we watched together was “Nine to Five” starting Dolly Parton. Alex picked that movie out because he felt it resembled me in my struggle to advance my career working in corporate jobs which was soon to end as I started Golda Kombucha. Sundays also meant we both had to get up and start the work week the next morning, a task we both resented. Alex was developing his career in Information Technologies and we both dreaded the Monday morning blues of being apart from one another for a work week. We spent late Sunday afternoons swinging on his front porch in Grant Park drinking Fresca with Gin and limes over ice. Holding one another and sipping the cocktail that Alex had made for us and swinging on his front porch barefoot was how we started to fall in love.

In February of 2017, Alex asked Melanie to be his partner in life at the W Hotel in Long Beach California. I was attending a business conference called Kombucha Kon and had brought Alex along for the trip. We were about to head out to a special dinner for our industry’s officers ( I led as the secretary of the board for four years) when Alex got down on one knee and popped the question. He said “I’ve enjoyed being your partner over the years and I want to know if you’ll be my partner for life". After an enthusiastic “YES!” We spent the night celebrating in Long Beach, CA and flew home as a newly engaged couple.

Now, after many travels, growth and seasons we are preparing to come together in unison on October 26, 2019. We hope you can make it on our special day and we thank you for considering celebrating with us!

-Melanie & Alex